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Bit Prep - warehouse and prep center in the USA.
You sell - we ship!
Your reliable logistic partner in the USA
Bit Prep - prep center and warehouse in the United States.

Our main task is to reduce the level of your logistic "stress".

Fast shipment throughout the US and worldwide guaranteed.

We providing full-cycle logistic services (multichannel and crowdfunding fulfillment), and perform as FBA / FBM prep service for Amazon, Etsy, Ebay.
We are a leading company that provides quality and reliability to our customers.
We are always ready to answer all your questions
Shipping to any Amazon warehouse within 2-4 business days
Support team
Please keep calm!
The goods are delivered to our warehouse, where all the stages of "tuning" take place, additionally you get a detailed photo and video report.
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best price and quality
Why BitPrep?
No worries
Storekeepers Faster, Stronger
Challenge accepted!
After your goods delivered to our warehouse, it goes through all the stages of "tuning", plus you get a detailed photo or video report.
Your product will never get lost, all the labels will be in place, in accordance with the standards.
We give a guarantee that your parcels will be delivered on time and all checks will be carried out, while in many prep centers parcels are very often returned from FBA warehouses, lost and do not reach the buyer. We take bulky items, there is enough space for everyone.
How does it work
1. Warehouse
2. Quality control
3. Packing
We take the parcels to our warehouse
Each item is carefully checked to ensure that it's in the sale conditions and meets Amazon recommendations
Pack in individual boxes, make sets or repack if needed
4. Shipping
Shipping your parcels to Amazon warehouse
Our Partners
  • QLYX
    QLYX is the first smart car phone holder that makes driving interactive. Stylish magnetic car phone holder with smart and adapted software. Securely holds the phone and helps in everyday life.
  • Wood Trick
    Wood Trick – is a manufacturer of 3D wooden mechanical models for kids and adults.
    Wood Trick self-propelled models are 100% ecologically natural, they are produced from wood and designed for self-assembly without glue and chemical materials.

  • Case Boutique
    Case Boutique - covers for Macbook, iPad, iPhone and Samsung. Cool, weird, trendy, cute and unique covers for Macbook, iPad, iPhone and Samsung from top sellers ETSY and EBAY.
  • Time 4 Machine
    Time 4 Machine - wood and metal mechanical design models. Inspiring and educational toy for children and adults. Wooden and metal mechanical models for an exciting journey into engineering.
  • Ugears Toys
    UGEARS is the creator and manufacturer of unique self-propelled mechanical models. Some of the projects are based on real prototypes, while others are an original rethinking of historical mechanisms.
  • PAGL
    AGL - 100% safe colored building blocks for children of all ages.
    The new generation of building toys: they are easy to fold for storage or transportation, no instructions are required, environmentally friendly material, educational gameplay and unlimited playability for children.
Contact us
+1 614 389 5757 (USA)
+38 095 516 05 09 (Ukraine)
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