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Multichannel Fulfillment
You've done the hard part - selling your product. Now you need to rest assured that the order is fulfilled both accurately and as quickly as possible.
At BitPrep, we pride ourselves on being the most reliable and efficient order fulfillment and shipping. Our order fulfillment centers are supported by the most advanced inventory, order, shipping and warehouse management software in the industry, guaranteeing peace of mind for businesses of all sizes.
We have the capacity to carry out from 1 to 5,000 orders every day. We don't believe in charging for unused services, so with BitPrep you only pay for what you use. If you ship only one item this month, you will pay a packing fee for 1 product. It is so simple.
Cost-Effective Shipping
Our extensive referral and professional network in the shipping industry allows us to provide services through the world's most reliable carriers, offering excellent rates. BitPrep receives discounts at a discount with all major carriers, and most importantly, we transfer these discounts to you. This gives you complete control over your shipping prices and the tranquility that your products will always be delivered on time.
Returns Management
Returns and exchanges occur at varying rates depending on the nature of your business. To maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, you must be able to effectively and without problems cope with the impact. This is where our implementation process comes in handy.
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